Why Suecos® is good for you

Discover Great Comfort

We all like to look and feel good, but sometimes we put more focus into looking good rather than feeling good. This is why Suecos® has made it its mission to bring you the best of both design and comfort. Most of us don’t give our feet the love and care they really need, and just think about this: they have to support us all day long! We’re sure your feet will appreciate some well deserved pampering from time to time.

Suecos® has teamed with the very best technicians and designers to develop groundbreaking technology so that you and your feet feel rested and relaxed, and we’ve broken it down to a couple of points:

icon1Ergonomic design: for greater stability.

icon2They absorb weight: providing a feeling of relaxation in feet and knees.

icon3They mold to the foot: when worn the shoe adapts to the foot.

icon4Ultralight: they reduce muscle effort by up to 70%.

icon5Extreme softness: for greater comfort.

icon6Shock resistant: for better protection of the foot.

icon7Foot held firmly: with strap.

icon8Antibacterial material: prevents fungal infections.

icon9Design to prevent the filtration of liquids: for greater safety.

icon10They stimulate the flow and circulation of the blood: with a pattern on the sole.

icon11They leave no marks: sole that protects the floor.

icon12Breathable: the vents allow air to reach the feet.

icon13They do not absorb liquids: they are always dry.

icon14Easy to clean: with just soap and water.

icon15Certified footwear: they meet current legal requirements and   recommendations.