Foot Care

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association:
53% of all people suffer from foot pain, which is serious enough to hamper their everyday tasks.
Isn’t that a shocking fact?

Here at Suecos® we really care about you and your feet. We understand that you’re a professional and that you need professional care for your feet as well, and that’s why we have asked the best chiropodists for their advice on foot care.
For matters of foot health it is advisable to acquire good hygiene habits and visit the chiropodist periodically, especially if suffering from pain.

In matters of foot health, the ideal thing is prevention:

  • Children should walk around barefoot for an hour every day.
  • Keep a check on weight. Every extra kilo means more work for the feet
  • Wear shoes with good support at the heels.
  • Do not wear shoes that are either too tight or too loose.
  • Sports shoes should not be worn for more than 4 hours, and only for sporting activities.
  • Do not stand for more than 45 minutes at a stretch

The feet should be washed daily with neutral soap and dried thoroughly, especially between the toes; nails should be cut after a bath or shower and precautions taken at public swimming pools and showers, wearing beach sandals and never sharing towels.

We should always be careful when it comes to choosing shoes.

There is no ideal model for all occassions.
As a basic rule it is better to buy shoes that are closed, that allow the foot to function, are not rigid and are breathable.

The right shoe absorbs shocks, provides stability, holds the foot firmly and adapts to our way of walking. If you want to know more about this, just click on our tab “How to choose your Suecos®, there’s one for each!